Supportive Periodontal Treatment

Supportive periodontal treatment
(periodontal maintenance):

Now that I have been treated, what do I have to do? Once periodontal disease has been treated you need to be seen regularly for periodontal cleanings (peridontal maintenance). This ongoing phase of treatment will need to be performed initally every three months (90 days). This will allow, dr. Vravick and your general dentist, the ability to monitor your periodontal health and make sure your infection stays under control. These maintenance appointments, every three months, are important for the first year to establish stability. During these appointments dr. Vravick and your general dentist will examine your mouth, measure the pocket depths, perform an oral cancer screening, and take new x-rays if necessary to evaluate the teeth and bone supporting them. Next, new plaque and calculus will be removed, your bite will be checked and your teeth will be polished.

Because periodontal disease is a chronic disease, just like diabetes, this disease can and often recurs without the proper follow-up care. These appointments are usually set up on a three month alternating basis with your general dentist. These maintenance appointments are the key to long term success with periodontal disease.