Cosmetic Periodontal

Cosmetic periodontal procedures gummy smile or uneven gum line:

If your teeth appear too short or you show too much gum when you smile, this can be corrected by dr. Vravick. Normally, your teeth are not "Too short" but you just have too much gum tissue covering them and hiding your smile. This is very common with patients that have had orthodontic treatment.

Crown lengthening or gum recontouring:

This procedure can recontour your gum line, removing excess gum tissue giving you the proper contour to your gums and the proper tooth height. If restorations are needed, this procedure will allow your new veneers or crowns to have the correct length and shape for your new smile.

Gum recession (gum grafting):

Gum grafting techniques can correct teeth that are sensitive to cold or a "Toothy" smile caused by gum recession. Dr. Vravick can correct the problem by preventing further gum recession and in many cases he can cover exposed roots which can prevent sensitivity and decay.

Ridge augmentation:

In some cases bridges may have a gap or depression in the gum as a result of the extraction of a tooth. In these cases the gum can be rebuilt with gum grafting to make your smile look more natural.